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Bruce Anderson

I have been involved in SEO myself for a few years now so I know SEO talent when I see it. Tom at Green Genie is one of the best in Toronto if not in Canada. The REAL value he added has been to my coaching and workshop business. His guidance and direction have moved me to the top of several ratings.

Bruce Anderson

Russel Volz ( Lake City Coffee )

Tom and his team at Green Genie SEO is the best digital marketing company that I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with quite a few. I especially liked Tom’s videos of my website and what he’s finding and his suggestions. The proof is in the pudding. We’re ranking better and fast since Tom’s involvement than all the years previously. I’ll definitely keep using Green Genie SEO.

Lake City Coffee

Steve Holliday

Despite some difficult setbacks with some technical issues with my website, Tom was able to get me some top rankings for national and local keyword searches. Great job.

Steve Holliday

Mike Wiseman

I normally don’t give out testimonials but in this case, I make an exception. This guy is amazing

Mike Wiseman

Brian Rutherford

368 Durham Web Design SEO pic

Bringing Green Genie onboard with my business is the best decision I have made since I started in web design. The services they provided for clients is outstanding and Green Genie always delivers the best results!

Brian Rutherford

90% of clicks to websites are from Google page 1 results.

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Let me take a guess why you are here. You are a business owner. And as a business owner in the digital age, you probably have a website. And as such, you occasionally try to type in the search terms that you think people would type in to find your brand of business. Lo and behold you find yourself on page 2, 3, 4, or even worse.

It’s frustrating not to understand why XYZ and ABC companies are outranking you into oblivion, and quite frankly it’s too much to learn all the necessary things you would need to keep abreast of these days with the ever-changing landscape of the internet to be effective in this regard on your own.

What with hundreds of social media sites, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the list goes on. How does any business owner keep up with all that other things that have to be attended to in a business day and manage their online marketing at the same time without one or the other area suffering the proper attention that it requires to be truly effective?

Can it be done? Probably not! As the owner of a digital media company, I have my hands full doing it for others and that’s a full-time enterprise.

So you have arrived here. So let me do the best that I can to help you make a wise choice. That choice could be to hire an SEO practitioner. Hopefully myself!  Or maybe you come to the conclusion eventually that SEO is not a good fit for your business at all.

Either way, I will try to help you with that decision. After all, SEO is not a proper fit for all business categories and there are some business types that I simply will not work with for moral, personal or ethical reasons.

I put this audio together for you to listen to because I realize how precious your time is and figured it would be easier to listen to while you are driving or getting ready to start your business day, as opposed to pouring through pages and pages of my website. Of course, I encourage you to do so later on, but let’s just start with a conversation.

So let’s talk about what to look for in an SEO company. If you’ve been considering SEO for a while, and are somewhat confused, I can sympathize completely. SEO is a big buzzword in online marketing today and for good reason. It works! However, as a business owner, you may be wondering what is it you are really paying for when you hire an SEO agency.

So let me dispel a few myths that may be pervading the internet about what we do and what to expect from what we do.

A shout out to our brother SEO company in Savannah Georgia

Common SEO Myths

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