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SEO Whitby

Every business owner wants more SEO customers, right? 

Can we acknowledge that the best way to reach more customers nowadays is through the internet?

arrow-1295953_960_720OK…then let’s talk about HOW Search Engine Optimization can help!!!

As a business owner, you have probably done a search for your own website. I do this very thing myself to find out where I am ranking for specific “keywords”.
Using my own site as an example I would type “Whitby SEO”, or possibly even “Whitby search engine optimization”.

“Whitby SEO expert” is another favorite.

As an alternative, I might type in “SEO company”, “SEO firm” or “SEO agency”.
Depending on whether I use a location such as Whitby attached to my search query (“Whitby SEO company”) I will end up with a different set of results. As a business owner looking for his or her own search results, you may want to keep this in mind as you scour the Internet to find yourself.
Another tip to consider is this. Google, for example, serves up search information based upon your IP address. This is difficult to circumnavigate because your IP address is what it is.
For most business owners this is not really an issue because they are counting
Search Marketing Whitbyon local relevancy due to the fact that that is where most of their business is coming from.
However, you will want to do this search using Incognito Mode if you are searching using Google Chrome, private browsing if you are using Safari or any other type of, what we call, “logged out search”. If you fail to do so and use the standard mode of search browser, the data that is returned to you will be flawed. Buy flawed I mean that it won’t be what other people see when they search, and of course, this is what we want.2016-11-29_1554
You might ask yourself why I am giving an educational tutorial to potential customers that are visiting my site? My reasoning for this is simple. Search engine optimization is a bit of a mysterious entity. If you have come to the point as a business owner, that you were actively looking for someone to perform this SEO task, you probably know more than the majority of people in the general population, but certainly not enough to be clear about what it is that you’re potentially paying for.
I like my clients to be informed enough to realize the value that we deliver as SEO Practitioners. It would be nearly impossible for this to take place if you ,as a business owner, cannot simply verify his or her own search results. How would you know if the work being performed was effective otherwise?
I could talk all day about how I am the best SEO expert in the district but everybody says that, don’t they?
If you haven’t done so up until now, take the time to listen to the video at the top of the site.
I think you will be better informed as a result.


Beyond that, I encourage you to read the information further down the site in the section entitled “ some straight talk about search engine optimization”.
Beyond that take the time to fill out the “discovery form”. Think of this discovery form is filling out a medical questionnaire for your doctor. You have a dis-functioning website and you are looking for a cure for this dysfunction. The only way that it is possible is for you to give us as much information about the patient has possible.
Please take the time to fill it out thoroughly.
The access to the discovery form it is straightforward. Simply look for the green buttons on either side of the video at the top of this page or the one near the very bottom of the page that says “ Discovery form “.

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