Search Engine Optimization simply cannot be done effectively for under $1000 a month in most cases.

There are exceptions to this $1000 a month rule so proceed anyway.

You may recoil in horror at the idea of spending $1000 per month on your marketing. I might boldly ask why?

How much should my business spend if I am truly looking for growth? Click here for more info!

Consider your marketing options!

  1. Radio…… Our company spent $21,000 on radio ads and did not acquire one client. It’s a risk!
  2. Postal flyers…… cost in my region ……$11,000 for 22,000 homes…….. one time. 99% of which will assuredly end up in the trash.
  3. Yellow pages……. they have lost over half of their revenue in the last 10 years. Do you think that may be a sign that people are not using their service to find what they want?
  4. Newspaper ads… we even need to comment on this?
  5. Word of mouth.….probably one of the best advertising methods out there but not very reliable nor scalable.

Fill out the form below and let me show you why digital marketing is different.

We can reliably predict a solid ROI for your advertising dollars or we will not recommend this service!

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It is not proper for us to answer questions regarding how to go forward with your business until we understand it thoroughly.
Every business has different needs and we must tailor our efforts specifically.
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We do not work with every company that applies. Should we choose to go forward with a campaign for your business, it is because we truly believe we can help you and that our relationship will be a co-operative one.
Conversely, if we choose not to accept your business for a Search Marketing campaign it is because we do not want to waste your time and hard-earned money.

Your success is our greatest testimonial!

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  • What is the typical "Lifetime Value" of a newly acquired customer? If your customers are not recurring then what is the $ of the average sale
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  • This helps us understand if we can decrease your ad revenue with SEO
  • A " Mystery Shopping " service is a company that will call and/or visit your place of business, acting as an interested potential client , to see what kind of treatment they receive​ from your staff. This will help you know what is going on when you are not looking?
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