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What are Google Ads

Google Ads or what was formerly known as Google Adwords is a system whereby any business can be seen online for any variety of search terms they choose by paying “Per Click”.  This where the acronym PPC or “pay per click ” originated.

Google Adwords Example


Why Google Ads and Not SEO

This method of online advertising is very effective and efficient in that it can make you visible and available to attract more business and customers through visits to your website in a very short period of time. Often within hours and at the extreme, within days.  This Ad method can be a stand-alone service or a fantastic method for gathering data for an ongoing SEO campaign.

By starting out with either an SEO / Adwords combo campaign or just an Ads by Google campaign alone you can

  1. Gather valuable data as to what keywords people are clicking on most
  2. Learn what keywords “convert” the best out of the available data.
  3. Pick up some quick new business to help pay for the ongoing SEO campaign
  4. Track microdata like PDF downloads, form fills, cart abandonment on E-comm sites, and many other pieces of valuable info.
  5. There is almost no limit to the possibilities!

Let Green Genie SEO show you how to utilize Google Ads in Oshawa, Whitby, Durham Region or all of North America if you so choose.

Don’t wait for your competition to lead the way online!  Call and find out what Google Ads can do for your business today!

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Mattias Ek

It is our pleasure to introduce Mattias Ek. Mattias handles all of our Google Ads campaigns. Formerly the lead S.E.M manager at a very prestigious firm in Sweden, Mattias brings 7 years of intensive experience in the space. He has managed many Google Ads campaigns for large corporations in Sweden and Europe. Mattias has an intimate knowledge of Google Ads and all things digital marketing related. He has a unique ability to reduce campaign costs by paying attention to details that many other ad managers will deem unimportant. It is our pleasure at Green Genie to welcome him aboard.

Bruce Anderson

I have been involved in SEO myself for a few years now so I know SEO talent when I see it. Tom at Green Genie is one of the best in Toronto if not in Canada. The REAL value he added has been to my coaching and workshop business. His guidance and direction have moved me to the top of several ratings.

Bruce Anderson

Brian Rutherford

368 Durham Web Design SEO pic

Bringing Green Genie onboard with my business is the best decision I have made since I started in web design. The services they provided for clients is outstanding and Green Genie always delivers the best results!

Brian Rutherford

Steve Holliday

Despite some difficult setbacks with some technical issues with my website, Tom was able to get me some top rankings for national and local keyword searches. Great job.

Steve Holliday

Mike Wiseman

I normally don’t give out testimonials but in this case, I make an exception. This guy is amazing

Mike Wiseman

Russel Volz ( Lake City Coffee )

Tom and his team at Green Genie SEO is the best digital marketing company that I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with quite a few. I especially liked Tom’s videos of my website and what he’s finding and his suggestions. The proof is in the pudding. We’re ranking better and fast since Tom’s involvement than all the years previously. I’ll definitely keep using Green Genie SEO.

Lake City Coffee