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Your quest for Ottawa SEO would not be accomplished with generic optimization of your website. You need to find an Ottawa SEO expert who would be able to completely change the impact you have on search engine result pages. It is not about having your website indexed or simply having a rank. Your website needs to rank high enough to be listed on the first page of search engine results for specific keywords and in relevant business categories. This can only be achieved by an Ottawa SEO company that specializes in more than search engine optimization.

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The Significance of  an SEO Expert Ottawa to your online business presence

Let us quickly understand the reasons why as a business you must invest in SEO. An indexed website will have a rank allotted by Google and Bing among other search engines. The rank would be insignificant and the website will not be accessible through search queries. Even if the website does get listed for business specific keywords, such as products or services or some terminologies that are used on the website, the listing would be far-off and users don’t really browse beyond the first few pages of search engine results.

The only way your website will get traction online, especially on search engines, is when you have the website content optimized for chosen keywords, the web design complementing the optimization and a concerted attempt to go beyond search engine optimization. What you need is search engine marketing of which optimization is an integral element, also the foundation.

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars every month on advertising. Banner ads, sponsored posts and all kinds of paid links target a generic audience and those who do come across these ads may not even need your services or the products you are offering. Such generic promotion or marketing yields little. You need targeted marketing and that is only possible with search engine optimization. You would be targeting keywords that people would use, which implies they need information pertaining to the products or services you offer.

 SEO is also significant because of its inevitable impact on branding. When a company gets listed on the first page of Google or Bing search results, it is not only traffic that is generated but also trusted. Users find these businesses as prima facie reliable since they have the dominating presence in the search engine giants. Thereon a great website will convince the prospects to make an informed decision.

Phenomenal Search engine optimization online

 SEO is not free but the investment is rewardingly satiating. The return on investment is phenomenal. There are businesses that get prompted to buy likes, thousands of hits to their website, to get people to comment and share their posts online across social networks and social media. These endeavors are costly, just like online advertising and other mediums of exposure. Compared to these, SEO costs a fraction and it actually gets you traffic.

As an Ottawa SEO company works on your website, you would observe the organic growth of your traffic. This is what matters. Purchased traffic and likes will only serve you in the given instant but not long term and these are almost black hat practices that search engines have started to penalize. The savvy consumers are also aware of questionable strategies. With Google and Bing penalizing websites for black hat practices, one would stand to risk their present website and associated online presence with any strategy that is not really right.

The best part of hiring an Ottawa SEO agency is that the organic growth of traffic and your website’s dominating presence on search engine results for relevant keywords will take a life of its own. The premise of SEO is supplemental and the organic growth is incremental. As SEO gets you more traffic and your website records more activity, the search engines will start to consider your website as popular, relevant, helpful and an authority in the niche you are operating in. This is phenomenal ROI and your website becomes a brand in your industry.

 SEO Expert Agency can helpsearch engine optimization

Finding an Ottawa SEO agency is not a daunting challenge. One quick search and you would find a list of at least half a dozen. You need to find an Ottawa SEO company that has proven it can do wonders for a website or business. It cannot be all talk. You need to get an SEO agency to show you websites that it has worked on and where it started, how it grew and where it is poised now. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

You would come across the common expert who would try to dazzle you with technicalities, complexities and all kinds of wondrous jargon. You need an expert who can get the job done, at a reasonable cost and show you the results.

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Consumers Will Spend $327 Billion Online in 2016: Forrester Research
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Some Straight Talk About Search Engine Optimization


      WHAT IS SEO?

     Honestly , does any business person really care about the technical definition of, or the strategies needed to implement an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign? If you do, then that’s great, we can talk more about that.
     For now, let’s talk about what it can achieve for your business!


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    SEO, over a relatively short period of time, can help your website get to page one of Google. 90% of the clicks to websites come from visitors to Page 1 !
    30% of those come from the first entry on page 1

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    That’s great. But for what keyword(s)?
    You could very well be ranking on page 1 for your name but that is a given. You need to rank for the more competitive keywords because they are the words and phrases that people are, by nature, typing into Google to find a product or service such as yours.

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    Keywords are like individual phonebooks. In the tradition phone book you had a ranking based on your name. With a company name like “AAAAA Abattoir ” you would likely be the first listing on page 1. ” Zekes Slaughter-house” would be much harder to find! Keywords have far less limitations.

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    Let’s say you were a hypnotherapist. People may type in “hypnotherapist” to seek you out. The results for that search would constitute a virtual phonebook that Google would assemble for the searcher.
    But “hypnotherapist in Phoenix” or “hypnotist” or “hypnotherapy for smoking” would create their own individual “Virtual Phonebook” pages with very different results for those doing the search!

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    Simple…. People search…. You show up in that search on page 1…. People contact you. …More contacts + more sales = “GET THE GREEN $$$”
    BUT…..You need to show up on page 1…and not just for one keyword

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    That depends on your budget, your type of business, your personal objectives and many other factors.
    There could be just a few keywords that make all the difference to your situation and there could be hundred

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    No , you could pay for ads that may or may not put you on page one all of the time. It depends on the competition for keywords again. If your competitors are paying a higher price per click you fall lower in the rotation on page 1.
    The costs can get very high in competitive markets.

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    Depends on how high of a budget you have.
    I know a plumbing company that spends $70,000 per month!
    It’s possible that a strong SEO campaign could achieve similar results for a fraction of the cost with more sustainable results!

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