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Brian Rutherford

368 Durham Web Design SEO pic

Bringing Green Genie onboard with my business is the best decision I have made since I started in web design. The services they provided for clients is outstanding and Green Genie always delivers the best results!

Brian Rutherford

Mike Wiseman

I normally don’t give out testimonials but in this case, I make an exception. This guy is amazing

Mike Wiseman

Bruce Anderson

I have been involved in SEO myself for a few years now so I know SEO talent when I see it. Tom at Green Genie is one of the best in Toronto if not in Canada. The REAL value he added has been to my coaching and workshop business. His guidance and direction have moved me to the top of several ratings.

Bruce Anderson

Russel Volz ( Lake City Coffee )

Tom and his team at Green Genie SEO is the best digital marketing company that I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with quite a few. I especially liked Tom’s videos of my website and what he’s finding and his suggestions. The proof is in the pudding. We’re ranking better and fast since Tom’s involvement than all the years previously. I’ll definitely keep using Green Genie SEO.

Lake City Coffee

Steve Holliday

Despite some difficult setbacks with some technical issues with my website, Tom was able to get me some top rankings for national and local keyword searches. Great job.

Steve Holliday

Your Task Is to Choose a Scottsdale SEO Company?

We recommend WordPress for all of our clients.

If you are not currently operating on the WordPress content management system then we can still get the job done. We just feel that WordPress has the most potential search engine optimization power and utility. If you would like to find out more about why and possibly have your website converted to WordPress. Talk to us. We have top-notch professionals that can convert your site to WordPress for a reasonable price in a quick time frame.




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It is critical that you get your Scottsdale Search Engine Optimization done right the first time. It’s much more difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to fix problems once they occur. Not to mention that even if they are fixable it will set you back a great deal time wise. The technique for fixing problems is also best left to specialists in the field and these folks are some of the highest paid in our industry.

Common Types of Scottsdale SEO Services You Can Get

You already know what an SEO company is all about and how you can benefit from working with one. The next step is to make yourself familiar with the different Scottsdale SEO services you can get and how each one can make a big difference to your business’s success.

Site Analysis and Business Evaluation

A good Scottsdale SEO company will first start with the evaluation of your current website and its existing SEO. It will include checking the architecture of the website and its content to evaluate different factors like the site’s keyword density and code. It is the best means of identifying your existing weaknesses and strengths before they develop and implement a brand new SEO strategy.

Apart from analyzing your site, a Scottsdale SEO company will also check your business and the industry it belongs to. They will also learn more about your target audience and the goals of your business before they come up with an SEO plan. Through getting a good understanding of your business and your audience, the Scottsdale SEO company can reach a better decision of the right strategies to use to boost your site’s SEO.

Development of SEO Goals and Strategy

After the Scottsdale SEO agency has finished the in-depth analysis of your website and the evaluation of your target market and industry, they can now start working to create your future SEO plan. The development of goals and strategy for your SEO campaign depends on the kind of business you got and your business goals as a whole.
The most experienced Scottsdale SEO agency will use the things they learned during the industry analysis and site audit then work to create a customized plan for your website. One aspect of this strategy includes determining the appropriate key phrases and keywords used mostly by your target audience. The plan will include different tactics and strategy to help you rank higher than the rest of your competition on search engines.

SEO Tools Setup

There are numerous systems and tools involved in the implementation of a customized SEO strategy. Prior to starting the execution of campaigns, your Scottsdale SEO will identify which dashboards, tools, and other systems like analytics programs you need to monitor and implement successful SEO campaigns.
Having such tools put in place before you start making changes to your website will help guarantee that your business can visualize all steps of the campaign. An experienced Scottsdale SEO company will recommend the suitable tools for your SEO campaign and use these effectively to make sure that you get the best of your SEO efforts.

Execution of Optimization

After the SEO platforms and tools have been put in place, the Scottsdale SEO expert can then begin with the execution of your custom optimization strategy. The SEO service often begins with on-page optimization. It can include, but not limited to, cleaning up your website’s backend code and ensure that your website is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. It also includes a compilation of a list of the target keywords that you can use when developing website content.
This part of search engine optimization can also include off-page SEO techniques. You may lack direct control on off-page factors like building links or increasing authority. But, your Scottsdale SEO company will offer several suggestions on how to boost off-page tactics and may also provide a comprehensive plan on how you can begin improving your website authority.

Continuing Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a continuing process. Google always reevaluates its algorithm for the search engine to remain useful for the users. With each update in Google, businesses need to take a second look at their SEO campaign and make big and small changes alike to their site to stay compliant and retain their SEO ranking. A Scottsdale SEO company can offer continuous SEO services to help guarantee that your website remains visible on search engines.
Ongoing Scottsdale SEO services can also include blogging services, further keyword research, link building campaigns, as well as other on-page optimization techniques. The most experienced Scottsdale SEO agency stays up to date with the newest SEO changes that let them tweak your strategy to ensure your company website’s long term success.

Things to Look for in a Scottsdale SEO Agency

Not all Scottsdale SEO services are made equal. While there are some who stick to the best practices and give their very best to improve the rank of your website on search engines, there are those that take the easy way out and use tactics that may soon harm the reputation of your website and lead to penalties. If you are thinking about working with a Scottsdale SEO company to provide SEO services for your business, here are some of the things you have to look for:

Customized Services – Make sure you choose an SEO agency that offers strategies tailored to your business’s unique goals. As far as SEO strategy us concerned, no two businesses are alike. You have to ensure that you will work with a company that took the time to know more about your target audience and industry and has a good understanding of your budget and business goals.

Past Success – To determine how experienced and successful a Scottsdale SEO agency is, you can begin by checking their successes in the past. Look into the case studies of the company and testimonials to know how they helped previous clients.

Work Done In-House – One more thing to look for in an SEO firm is if they perform in-house services. There are SEO agencies that outsource the job to third party SEO agencies in the hopes of saving money. But, you will have no idea who gets to work on your website and what their level of experience is when they don’t work in-house with your chosen company. Go for a Scottsdale SEO agency that does their work in-house for you to be assured of who works on your site and handles daily tasks.
Work with the best Scottsdale SEO company to make the most out of these services.

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