Toronto Online Reputation Management is a premier service.

Therefore, it commands a fairly high cost due to the difficulty of execution.

If another company does not level with you on the subject of the cost you should be suspicious.

Understanding Reputation Management Cost

To understand why reputation management is so costly, you need to understand that a piece of offending content cannot be removed from the Google index it can only be pushed down in rank by ranking correlating search results higher. 

Many practitioners in my field will elude to the false notion that an offending piece of online material can be removed from the search results. This is not the case.

The only way to deal with the offending search result is to push it to page 2!

For example; let’s say that there is a press release with some negative info about you or your company ranking for your brand or name. There will be 9 other search results on the first page. In order to move the offending press release on to page two, we need to rank all of the other results plus one new one higher than the press release.  It is difficult enough to rank one website so imagine the complexity and resources necessary to rank 10 web results.

Now you have an answer as to the high cost of this Reputation service.

Make sure that this is really worth your time!

Make sure you fill out the Discovery Form on the website and give us as much detail as possible.

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