Page 1 Is Great !

As we said in the short copy, “that’s great”…but for what terms?  ( Here’s and insider secret…click here to find out )

Keywords are where it all starts. Keywords are the terms people type in the search to find what they are after. Many times our initial searches are too broad and turn up too many search results to sift through.

When this occurs, it forces people to adjust their search by being more specific in their words and phrasing.

(Yah….we’ve all been through this experience!)

Example: “Running shoes” , as a search phrase, could turn up millions of generic results when the searcher really wanted tennis shoes or cycling shoes.

This search could be made even more specific by categories such as gender, size, color, brand etc.

Or by what we call ” long tail “ searches. EG: “running shoes for rough terrain “ or ” flashy running shoes”

Each of these will turn up a different page of results in Google, Bing etc.

Why is this relevant?

It’s relevant because , as a business owner, we have to look at what people ACTUALLY DO AND WANT and not what we would like them to do or want.

Through the use of online research tools, we know exactly what potential customers want. I say potential because they aren’t customers yet!

It’s really good news for you and your business as a matter of fact!

It’s like having a new phone book for every search word or phrase that every person in the word types in a browser.

Google keeps track of all these searches and gives us tech nerds use of these tools to assess which terms are best implemented to attract the most qualified leads for our clients.

We always like to use the analogy of ” The Phone Book “. Why?  Because the search engine is the new ” Phone Book “

Imagine that there are 100 different keywords and phrases that people are searching to find what your business provides. ( Chances are that there are that many or more )

Each one of these is a new possibility for you to get your message in front of those people.

This is a primary element of study by people in the SEO industry…. What to people search for and how do we get our customer’s website in front of those eyes?

If you and/or your business partners already know what search terms you want to rank for…we can’t wait to hear about that !!! You have a distinct advantage already!

We’ll get into this more in the next module.

“Get The Green “