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Do you have more than one Gmail account?

So do I.

Here’s a simple experiment to try.

Pick a search term or phrase.

Go ahead and search it in Google.

Now log into your other Gmail accounts and do the exact same search.

Different set of results….RIGHT!

That’s is because when you are logged into different accounts there is a “meme” built into the memory of that account which changes the results based on past preferences.

So what you say ?

If you are looking up searches for your own company to see how well you rank….you may be getting a skewed set of results based on the bias your own browser has for your previous searches.

You’ve been had !!!

Solution…..  you must do your searches LOGGED OUT !!!

You can Google that one to learn how.

I’ve told you too much already

Look at where my Oshawa Page is ranking to see for yourself.