SEO is a Bit of a Mystery

( Here is a definition of SEO )

And What It Is Not !  Click here to See Video

It is not a quick fix and it will not help you if the receiving end of your business is broken!

It can however, move a business to a much better place relatively quickly when partnered with a business that has a great receiving line, core process and follow up.

That is up to you, the business owner.

We create a piece of online real estate for you. You have to maintain the property!

SEO has many parts and is not easily explainable to those who are not intimately involved in its working mechanisms.

Better we talk about what it can do for your business and why?

However, I feel it only fair to at least break it down in a summary.

Google measures things.

A lot of things.

One of the things it measures is visitors to a website.

It also measures how long they stay on that site.

It measures how deeply they engage with a website’s content.

This can be how many levels deep they probe into the sites pages

It measures how many pages a visitor looks at and how many levels deep those pages are on a given site.

There are steps that can be taken to influence how those things occur.

(Some of those steps occur on-site, and some out on the internet itself.)

Google also measures who else is talking about your site. By “talking about your site” we are referring to “links”.

What are links?

Links are other pages pointing to your site through what is called a ” clickable link’. For reference, you got to my site from google through a clickable link. The search results on Googles pages are nothing more than a registry of links pointing at sites. In fact, the entire internet could be said to be one big series of links, for lack of a simpler analogy.

SEO is the science of how to influence the way Google interprets the metrics it measures by simply giving it what it wants to see.

Link building is one of the most important things to do when you’re doing SEO. If you’re building links and targeting long tail keywords it’s important to have in mind that this work is time-consuming and sometimes very hard. To make your work easier you can use this tool – Linkio.com which can be a huge time saver and also will automate your process and give you the exact link building game plan for any target website.

How that is done is where it gets complicated. So instead of boring our clients with a bunch of insider jargon and terms that make us sound smarter than we really are, we try to stick to what it can do for your business.

We hate to see people fall asleep!

“Get The Green “