Examples Of Adwords Costs

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Criminal Lawyer


car accident law

auto acc law


Do The Math !!!

As an SEO services provider we are biased, but, if this auto accident attorney is running an Adwords campaign and is on page one. At the very least they are going to attract 10% of the clicks which = 240 clicks per month @ $215.08 ( of course it may be somewhat less or more )

My math says $51,619.20 per month.

That’s a lot of money.

So when we mention on a previous page that we personally know a plumbing company that is paying in excess of $70,000 per month for Adwords, it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to see how!

Hey, big business costs money. Obviously these ad rates are based upon the willingness of these companies that run them to be able to compete with each other to afford them. They are not just an arbitrary number.

Still…..that’s a lot of money!

Can SEO improve upon that……

In many cases, YEP, it sure can! See video