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What Can SEO Do For Me?


Possibly nothing! For some business categories, it simply has no benefit!

We wish that were not true. We would like to help everyone.

The fact is, for some types of business cold calling is still the preferred method for client acquisition. That may never change.

Some benefit more from direct mail or telemarketing.

Some from local flyer campaign.

Some of our peers would say we are crazy for mentioning it but Craigslist and Kijiji may be a good place to start, especially for a local business. We have personally seen many local businesses that thrived in their initial start-up phase by using free resources such as these.

Bootstrapping a business is often overlooked because it is counter-intuitive when we look at the competition.They have the flashy ads and the expensive looking storefront which is all fine at some point on the road to success. But….. we all have to start somewhere.

While Green Genie SEO sees the future, we are not so blind as to believe that digital marketing is a “one size fits all ” firm

Search Engine Optimization is best suited to those who already benefit from digital marketing, but not to the degree they wish.

If it sounds like we are trying to discourage those of you who are start-ups in business, we are not. It is fair however to state that our system is more effective for established business simply due to the age of their web domain. If you are a new business and your attention has been drawn to SEO due to its trending popularity we should still talk.

Search Engine Optimisation can still be useful and in fact, it can be downright deadly to your competition if you are patient and have a proper budget for advertising already in your business plan.

Often a combination of pay per click ads such as Google Adwords and/or Facebook ads in combination with an Optimization  Campaign is a good place to start. Let’s face it, if ads are working for your business now, it seems prudent to continue them, at least for the time being.

Optimizing your on page and off page strategy takes some time to produce results, but those results have much more staying power in the long run.

We can put together a starter plan including a proper social media program for a modest budget so that when you are ready for a full-scale online attack the foundation is already set.

If you have embraced digital marketing already, we don’t have to explain to you why it is so wonderful.

You already know that. You just want to improve on a good thing !

We can make that happen!

” Get The Green “