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Pay Per Click

You can pay for online advertising through a Pay Per Click campaign. This has it’s good and bad points. On the good side, it can boost your initial online exposure and get you some traffic and sales now.

On the other hand, it has no sticking power. When you stop paying your traffic stops. A Website Optimization campaign can build a digital asset not unlike buying a good piece of real estate.

Pay per click costs you money every time someone clicks on your ad whether they do so sheerly by accident and there is no guarantee of a sale conversion should the searcher click and visit your site.

Competition is very fierce for these types of ads and the exposure is split up based on how many others are competing for that same search query.

You are restricted as to how many text character you can use in your ad so unless you have some good copywriting skill and know how to create the perception of benefit in a short sentence you may want to hire a pro to run your ads.

There is also a learning curve to the ad platform and unless you have some experience with these types of platform , this can be another black hole for your time.

Also, Pay Per Click is not a ” set it and forget it” process. It requires ongoing maintenance and ideally you should be “split-testing” your ads to see which ones convert best. Don’t know what split-testing is? That’s what I thought. Get your wallet out then!!!

Funny thing is, Google looks at your site optimisation even if it is for a paid ad campaign. So not having proper website set-up is going to cost you anyway.

Why not hire a pro to do this correctly right from the start?