Toronto Restaurants

Just like any other cities, the hottest GTA restaurants have so much to offer to local and international foods that it is not uncommon to see folks lining up outside their doors, waiting for a vacant table to be available. From the much awaited arrival of Kensington Market to the German beer hall, it is safe to say that there are plenty to love about the current dining scene in Toronto.

Whether you are a local Canadian or an international tourist searching for something new to try, below are the top picks of the best Toronto restaurants that are guaranteed to give you a gastronomic delight.

Lake InezLake Inez Toronto

Global flavors and a small lake in Michigan have been brought together perfectly at this Little India dining place which features Asian snacks to bolster the cocktails such as the Tokyo Hotel bar with yuzu and sake.

La Banane

This French restaurant located on Ossington is famous in Instagram for their special dessert called Disco Egg. But, you will also definitely be craving and falling in line just to get a taste of all their seafood offerings, pastry-encrusted bass, and whipped chicken liver.

STK Toronto

The swanky Yorkville spot of the international chain STK will serve you with delicious steaks that cost hundreds of dollars, grits, donuts, and luxurious slides inside its stunning club-like environment.


Baro is Chef Steven Gonzalez’s playground where he serves fancy drinks complete with edible petals, aged ice cubes, ceviche flights, and plenty of elevated bar finger foods such as guacamole on King West and empanadas.


Awai is an unconventional plant-based restaurant located in Bloor West Village and is as off-beat with the conventions of their restaurant as they are with their menu and operates on no-gratuity basis. It is as expected from Chef Nathan Isberg, formerly of the pay what you want and no-menu Atlantic.


What is in trend right now than eating ethically? It seems that there is very little, especially if you will consider the amazing fame of this Yorkville plant-based eater led by David Lee. All people in town are itching to try the beet juice cocktails, veggie burgers, and coconut ceviche offered in the menu.

Piano PianoPiano Piano

From the same people behind Splendido, Piano Pianoa is a wildly famous Italian restaurant that is impossible to dine at. Sitated on the Harbord, the place doesn’t reinvent the wheel with pastas and rustic pizzas, but all carb lovers are willing to wait just so they can get a fill of their all time favorites.

Otto’s Bierhalle

This West Queen West beer hall recently rolled out the possibility of making reservations, and it seems that they will need it more as the house is full during the weekends.


It is one of the latest Italian joints on King West which is as equally impressive for its cool retro-influenced décor and sweeping architecture as its menu of upscale but comforting dishes straight from the kitchen of nonna. Pistachio and mortadella pizza, lamb, and tagliatelle are all included on the menu.

Grey Gardens

Jen Agg’s new wine bar already creates a lot of buzz in the Toronto area. This restaurant in Augusta Avenue opened not too long age, featuring organic ciders and wines from local breweries.


Some very famous Toronto people can be seen at these establishments from time to time. Also Toronto landmarks and Toronto History