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Why  ” GET THE GREEN? ” as a mission statement


Simple. Green represents money in this case.

As a Search company, we open up our offer to you with the bold statement that we are focused on the money, it only seems fitting.

Don’t be mistaken, we believe that the acquisition of money must be in balance with other business priorities such as a good product and great service!

However  !!!!!

Money is like oxygen for a business.  A shortage is tantamount to holding one’s breath. You can do it for a while, but not for very long without incident!

Money has to move! The more rapid the exchange of money , the healthier the economy.

( For you economics nerds it’s called ” the velocity of money ” )

There has been no lack of focus on the economy as of late .

“Wall St. 2008seems to have awoken a new interest in the subject, and as a parallel consequence, it has turned eyes to the world through the internet.

Through this dual lens, the masses of people are quickly adapting to the digital world.

If for no other reason, it is to reach beyond the confines of our local economy and embrace global trade and commerce.

Those in the business world who adapt will thrive. Those who do not will perish.

Of course. Money cannot be the only focus in business or in life. However, the sooner solve the money issues we face, the sooner we can make a difference to those whom we serve. Our Customers!

Our customers reciprocate by remaining dedicated to us and creating a lifetime value base.

It’s a fantastic relationship, a pillar of our economy. Think of it as votes! When a customer hands us their money, it’s a vote for us as a business owner. The combined effect of this simple exchange multiplied millions or even billions of times constitute what we know as capitalism.

The sum of all these exchanges gives the economy feedback and maintains a balance between price and value for everyone involved.

You should be proud to be a business owner. You play a vital role in this picture.

A business that is solely focused on basic survival cannot properly assess it’s own place in the economic food chain.

If you are reading this, then we are probably only reminding you of what you already know.

You are successful already, and simply want to maintain or increase that success through adaptation.

It is you whom we at Green Genie SEO serve best. An already thriving, healthy,customer-driven company.  One with a vision for the future and a willingness to go after it.