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A window into every part of the world…that’s what it is today. From the click of a button, we can experience audio-visually everything that some of us may never get to see. The football games that are not in your hometown, the live concerts that you wish you had seen and information on nearly every fathomable topic can be accessed so easily that it makes you wonder; what if this were never invented? One thing for sure is that the Internet is something you cannot live without today. There are moments, however, where one has to stop and think: “How did this all come together? How does it work?” Let us find out?

The Internet began mostly as a system of communication….and it was as simple as that. It was a way to exchange information mostly between scientists and military personnel in a more secure, robust and efficient manner. In fact, the basic principles upon which the Internet is based (the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)) had existed for two decades before it gained real public awareness in the 1990s. Until then, it was mostly just exchanging emails across wide distances.Top Toronto SEO Expert

That is the story in a nutshell, but how does it work? One could delve deep into IT jargon to describe the Internet, but most of us would be lost very quickly. Here’s the simple breakdown:

It is easier to move small pieces of a big object than to move the big object as a whole. Believe it or not, that is exactly how the Internet works. When information is sent from one computer network to another, it gets broken up into thousands of “packets” of information. These packets are then sent via different routes to the same location. Once all the packets arrive, they are reassembled using a predetermined code sequence. That is the gist of how it works and the exact method changes somewhat depending on the type of information.

Pretty strange but that is pretty much the gist of it.

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