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How Can Search Engine Optimization Help You?

Before we get to how Search Engine Optimization can help your business, we need to acknowledge a simple fact.


That fact…. Google likes Google A LOT!

That being the case, wouldn’t it be wise to give them what they want? After all, it is in the Google search engine we want to be seen, since Google accounts for 70% of the online market

– So What Does Google Want?

( And how do we know this?)

We know what Google wants through testing. Google obviously doesn’t make public announcements about how it’s search algorithm works, but there are ways to gain clues about how it works. YOU TEST !!

– How Do You Test?

You set up dummy test sites and then you change things regarding how those sites function and rank in the searches!

Then you watch the results and you can come to conclusions about what changes work and what changes don’t work.

It’s that simple.

It’s kinda like fishing. You present different things to the fish and see what they bite!

Ask another prospective Search Marketing Company if they go to these lengths to get results for their clients? We’ll be waiting……….

– How Does This Help Your Business?

There are hundreds of manageable criteria that cause your site to show up higher in search results. These criteria need to be executed in their entirety and in a particular order to achieve maximum results.If there is any question about why you want your business to show up higher in search results then let us remove any doubt with a few numbers.

Marketing Ontario

 As you can see in the graph the difference in search result between
even the 5th position and the 1st position on page 1 is a 500% increase in exposure.

More exposure where people are ACTUALLY  looking = more views on your website = more calls = more sales!

If you already know the ratio of calls vs sales at your business then what is holding you back?

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