Ottawa Notable People You Should Know

William Pittman

Ottawa is not just a home that’s rich in heritage and history, it’s also known for being as a home of some notable people and these are:

Princess Margriet of The Netherlands

Basically, her Ottawa birth was deemed de facto for the reason that Ottawa Civic Hospital’s maternity ward was declared as international territory for temporarily by the government for her birth, yet technically speaking, she was really born in Ottawa.

Dan Akroyd

He studied at Carleton University and performed standup comedy in some nightclubs around Canada and operates an after-hours club in the heart of Toronto.

Alanis Morissette

She is a popular grunge/alt-pop singer and her parents say that she was actually from Ottawa. Nevertheless, she attended Immaculata High School as well as the Glebe Collegiate Institute before moving to Toronto and Los Angeles.

Keshia Chante

She was born in Ottawa and has attended in Orleans at St. Peter Catholic High School where she’s signed to the record deal. For some people who don’t know, it was really shocking to see the name of the singer in the list of the Canadian celebrities in Wikipedia.

Tom Cruise

He was born in Syracuse, New York. He was a Scientologist, producer, writer, and an actor. But, only a few people knew that he stayed in Ottawa’s Beacon Hill during his younger days. The actor schooled at Henry Munro Middle School before he moves back to the States when his mother and father separated.

Bryan Adams

Dan Aykroyd

He was born in Kingston, yet lived in Ottawa during his teen years before he dropped out of Colonel By Secondary School. Bryan Adams bought his very first guitar at age of 14 after he saves up money from his job by being a dishwasher. He was also the first headliner to play at the Palladium that’s now renowned as Canadian Tire Center.

Jay Baruchel

He is actually Canadian and was raised in the beautiful place called Montreal. However, did you know that he’s born in Ottawa? If you are in shock to know this information, he hosted with Elisha Cuthbert, which is another Canadian actress, and appeared in a television series before he move on to better and bigger projects like the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Matthew Perry

He was actually born in Massachusetts, yet his mother was a former press secretary of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and a Canadian journalist. For this reason, he grew up in Ottawa after the divorce of his parents. He also studied at the Rockcliffe Park Public School as well as attended Asbury College before he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and to be part of an American television series called Friends.

Sandra Oh

Born in Ottawa, Sandra was raised on Camwood Crescent. She was an involved student at the Sir Robert Borden High School wherein she founded BASE Environmental club. She rejected a four-year journalism scholarship at the Carleton to continue her love for acting.