Why Live Chat?

There are a number of really good reasons to put a live chat box on your website which I will list in the following explanation

SEO Value of a Chat Box?

What is a ” Chat Box “

First I would like to dispel any myths regarding the SEO value of a chat box. No, a chat box is not a signal to Google that you have a better website necessarily. Therefore, they are not going to rank you higher just because they detect a chat box system on your site. The main purpose of a chat box is for what happens after a potential customer comes to your website.

See our services page for more detail.

Conversions are the Main Event!

We use tawk.to for all our clients. Very user friendly and free for the basic model which will get the job done for most local business.

One of the main problems with website conversions of potential customers is that they feel generally isolated when they come to your website because human beings are instinctively used to dealing with people in commercial transactions and not websites. I think this affects people on some raw primitive level that they’re not necessarily conscious of. It’s just a feeling of a sort.

Chat Box Sample

By having a chat box on your website you will be able to at least make a connection directly with potential customers that may have questions that go above and beyond the content of your website. I have seen the effects of chat boxes on an e-commerce site and I can say that it really does help persuade people to trust you and follow through in making a purchase. If you would like to have us set up a chat system on your website we can do so for a very reasonable fee. Included in this fee will be a video tutorial of how to manage the chat system on an ongoing basis. These video tutorials will be specific to you and will be available to you forever as they will be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted entities that you can come back to time and again to refresh yourself of how the system functions.