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368 Durham Testimonial

Brian Rutherford didn't have much to say in his Google review but this is what he said to me privately.
"Bringing you onboard my Web Design Business is the best decision I have made since I started "

Docville testimonial

Despite some difficult setbacks with some technical issues with my website, Tom was able to get me some top rankings for national and local keyword searches. Great job.

Bruce Anderson Testimonial

I have been involved in SEO myself for a few years now so I know SEO talent when I see it. Tom at Green Genie is one of the best in Toronto if not in Canada. The REAL value he added has been to my coaching and workshop business. His guidance and direction have moved me to the top of several ratings.

Durham Precious Metals Testimonial

We initially tried doing our own SEO work. We quickly realized we were in over our heads. Since hiring Green Genie our local business has at least doubled and then some. We signed on for a second campaign to improve our national searches about 3 months ago and are really starting to notice an increase in calls and traffic to our site from people beyond our local region. Can't wait to see what the future brings with this company doing our online marketing. 6 stars would be better!

A Buffalo Search Marketer

We recommend WordPress for all of our clients. If you are not currently operating on the WordPress content management system then we can still get the job done. We just feel that WordPress has the most potential search engine optimization power and utility. If you would like to find out more about why and possibly have your website converted to Wordpress. Talk to us. We have top-notch professionals that can convert your site to Wordpress for a reasonable price in a quick time frame.

Build It Once, Build it to Last!

It is critical that you get your Buffalo Search Engine Optimization done right the first time. It's much more difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to fix problems once they occur. Not to mention that even if they are fixable it will set you back a great deal time wise. The technique for fixing problems is also best left to specialts in the field and these folks are some of the highest paid in our industry.

A Buffalo Search Marketer

Why It’s Better to Hire a Cincinnati SEO Agency Than Going DIY

SEO is not an easy game. But, with all the reading content you can find online and use for free, you might think that you can already get a good grasp of SEO, what it does, and what it doesn’t. Having said this, why should you even hire a Cincinnati SEO agency?

Since you know the basic principles of SEO such as link building and keyword research, you might just take things into your own hands, right?

While no one is stopping you, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hire a Cincinnati SEO expert. Today, you will learn the top reasons why it is always best to hire a reliable Cincinnati SEO company.

The SEO Field Evolves and Optimal Strategies Change Over Time

Every single day, Google makes hundreds of tweaks to their search algorithm. About 99.9% of such adjustments won’t cause substantial impact on your search traffic in Google. This is cool until Google decides to release a major update in their algorithm that gets a name every several years. Such updates will not have negative effects if you practice white hat SEO practices and you don’t play the system. But, after these big updates, you will have to adjust your existing SEO strategy and review any processes you’ve put in place.

It is also a must to know the reasons behind the major updates in algorithm to make sure that you will have progress as you go forward. It is very easy to be consumed by such updates. It is the job of a Cincinnati SEO company to know the meaning of these updates. They can also discuss with other SEO experts to ask for their opinion.

Do you think you have all the time to visit several forums with different answers about the actions you need to take? Chances are you don’t have all the luxury of time in the world to do it.

SEO is a Continuous Goal That Requires Constant Work

SEO is a game that runs for a long time. You always need to set new business goals, which means that your SEO goals will be moving all the time as well.

Once you’ve started to play the SEO game, this can play a vital role in helping you reach your goals. However, you cannot spend just one week on SEO, forget about it for the next months and anticipate success.

You have to track your progress in SEO actively and adjust it as needed. SEO results never happen in the blink of an eye but with constant SEO work, sustained results can be seen.

A Good Cincinnati SEO Company Subscribes to High-End SEO Programs

You can get help from hundreds of tools for SEO. While most of these are cheap, some require a substantial investment that can cost you thousands of dollars a year.

The best Cincinnati SEO agency relies on high-end tools for client work. They have bought subscriptions already, which mean that you don’t have to invest in something extra. What is more important is they know how to use these tools.

When you are in an industry with tough competition, you have to make the most out every edge you get. Through these tools, you can get that edge made possible by the SEO company that absorbs the costs to their overheads.

Tested and Proven Methods and Results

SEO can be quite confusing. The moment you learn the basics, you want to begin implementing all you learned at once. After a few months, you may or may not see any results. As much as you like results, wasting time is a big no-no.

If you have implemented several SEO strategies, your results might be underwhelming and you just wasted your valuable money and time since you are not working on something you are good at.

A Cincinnati SEO agency will run several A/B tests across all clients and have an active monitoring of results to continue making tweaks on strategies on the go.

Focus on What You Do Best When You Hire a Cincinnati SEO Company

Take note of the type of work you do while you stand on the brink of SEO rabbit hole. But if you are in the rabbit hole already, can you remember the type of work you were doing before you took the plunge?

This is the kind of work you are good at. When running a small business, focus on the things you are talented at which will generate business. If this is SEO, it might be time to consider another career.

Do you work for a boss who told you to look into SEO if you have the chance? Tell your boss that SEO can help grow your company but it is not easy to learn it from scratch. The process is time consuming and it will be best to hire a Cincinnati SEO expert team.

You Wind Up in an Unending SEO Rabbit Holes

You can get overwhelmed if you first start studying SEO. Before long, you might assume that you already know the basics. This is good but once you know more, you will realize that you don’t really know a lot of SEO at all.

The page speed plays a vital role in the best SEO practices but starting with it isn’t obvious. The moment you begin looking at off-page SEO, you will get to know more about optimizing page speed.

It is a big help but you still have to worry about image optimization, the use of appropriate title tags, use of plugins, and plugin removal. This list continues.

Before you even know it, you have gone too far in the rabbit hole to the point that you even consider ditching your current career to do SEO yourself.

When you hire a Cincinnati SEO company, they can get down all those rabbit holes. This is encouraged as this is what they are best at.

With the help of a topnotch Cincinnati SEO agency, you can look forward to growing your business with lesser worries on your shoulders.

Consumers Will Spend $327 Billion Online in 2016: Forrester Research
seo expert

        WHAT IS SEO?

        Honestly , does any business person really care about the technical definition of, or the strategies needed to implement an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign? If you do, then that's great, we can talk more about that.
        For now, let's talk about what it can achieve for your business!

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    SEO, over a relatively short period of time, can help your website get to page one of Google. 90% of the clicks to websites come from visitors to Page 1 ! 30% of those come from the first entry on page 1

    [button type="real" shape="square" size="mini" href="https://greengenieseo.com/what-can-seo-do-for-me/" title="Example"]click to learn more[/button]


    That's great. But for what keyword(s)? You could very well be ranking on page 1 for your name but that is a given. You need to rank for the more competitive keywords because they are the words and phrases that people are, by nature, typing into Google to find a product or service such as yours.

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    Keywords are like individual phonebooks. In the tradition phone book you had a ranking based on your name. With a company name like "AAAAA Abattoir " you would likely be the first listing on page 1. " Zekes Slaughter-house" would be much harder to find! Keywords have far less limitations.

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    Let's say you were a hypnotherapist. People may type in "hypnotherapist" to seek you out. The results for that search would constitute a virtual phonebook that Google would assemble for the searcher. But "hypnotherapist in Phoenix" or "hypnotist" or "hypnotherapy for smoking" would create their own individual "Virtual Phonebook" pages with very different results for those doing the search!

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    Simple.... People search.... You show up in that search on page 1.... People contact you. ...More contacts + more sales = "GET THE GREEN $$$" BUT.....You need to show up on page 1...and not just for one keyword

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    That depends on your budget, your type of business, your personal objectives and many other factors. There could be just a few keywords that make all the difference to your situation and there could be hundred

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    No , you could pay for ads that may or may not put you on page one all of the time. It depends on the competition for keywords again. If your competitors are paying a higher price per click you fall lower in the rotation on page 1. The costs can get very high in competitive markets.

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    Depends on how high of a budget you have. I know a plumbing company that spends $70,000 per month! It's possible that a strong SEO campaign could achieve similar results for a fraction of the cost with more sustainable results!

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