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This is a typical “Scope of Work” list I perform as a generic base on all sites. Click here to view

In your particular situation, I see the following weak spots.

  1. Not enough relevant links
  2. No links with any real power
  3. Too many deindexed links ( over half )
  4. Page titles not in-line with the best search phrases (keywords) for your industry and individual products
  5. Over-optimization from a standpoint of keyword-to-text ratios.
  6. Weak anchor text profile ( Not enough brand, random, market level or exact match anchors. Not enough diversity of anchors)

Positive notes

Decent metrics despite weak links

Good load metrics according to


Solutions and course of action

  • Build 200-300 “foundational links “. The strategy here is to use links from sources that allow us to get ” keyword relevance ” in the URl’s or titles of the source. These are all high DA links ( This is the one task I outsource. Primarily because the fellow that does the work has the best team in the industry and this is an exclusive, private outsourcing available only within our paid networking group. )  (These links include many of the top Web 2.0 sites on the internet. Weebly, Jimdosite, and Strikingly to name a few.)
  • We do a scan of your current citations and build up to 50 more and avoid duplication. Citations are critical to maps ranking but also add a nice mix of nofollow links from high authority, trusted sites to add to a balanced link profile. ( Since you are not a location, the latter being more relevant to the reasoning for these links.)
  • Immediately begin building some links with more power from my outreach sources. ( No need to wait to build a link base, since you already  have 64 Referring domains, we don’t need to wait)
  • Link speed should be 5-8 links per month depending on the budget we agree upon. ( Exception will be month one which will be 2-3 links due to additional startup costs ( Foundation links)
  • Begin immediately making decisions about title and meta changes for each page starting with the pages that have keywords with a combination of the highest search volume and/or happen to be the closest to a top 5 ranking currently.
  • Do a competition analysis for a few trophy keywords and assess the keyword to text ratios the top ranking sites are utilizing. ( I tested one already and I am seeing the same thing I almost always see now with the top sites which is thinner ratios of keywords-to-text) (Example: )
  • Make changes to the above in a controlled manner. ( I may refer to you to walk through this task together on Skype or even over the phone. I know how people feel about taking an axe to their content)
  • Start a small budget Adwords campaign $300-$500 per month. ( Modified broad match keyword targeting to do “discovery”)
  • Rinse and repeat! ( This is generally all that it takes to get the job done if done correctly and we will do it correctly!)


  • I will track up to 40 keywords depending on budget.
  • Tracking of keywords will be provided to you from Pro Rank Tracker software via an automated report. You may choose daily, weekly or monthly reporting.
  • We will mark up specific data on the site through Google Tag Manager and track a number of different “Events” in Google Analytics. ( Which events……to be determined as I get more familiar with the sites inner workings. Some examples of tracked items will be clickable phone #’s, clickable emails, PDF downloads if applicable.
  • I will set up a portal for you to be able to log in a see this data any time you want. ( Month 2) Of course, you can also look in Google Analytics as well.
  • I have found that one way I like to do reporting is when we hit a “milestone”. I most often do these at random when I find a positive event and they are usually done as a short video walkthrough. ( It’s a bit more novel than the usual boring charts and graphs)
  • I don’t show link reports. Requires too much explanation that people aren’t really qualified to understand anyway. You are welcome to scrape them with Semrush, of course.
  • What I will show is a screenshot of your basic metrics in Ahrefs like the one above beneath “Positive notes” ( Once a month)

Suggested budget

SEO @ $1500 per month for 10 months. Normally my low-end minimum for national / e-comm based sites is typical $2000 a month. It’s just hard to dominate without that type of budget. It’s one thing to take a #5 but a #1 has 10 times the traffic. 

(Low budgets in the hands of skilled practitioners are the enemy of potential. Page 1’s are easy. It’s # 1’s that take all the energy.)

However, we are also doing AdWords so I want to make this easier for you to say yes to.

The Adwords is normally a $500 setup fee and my minimum management fee monthly is $200 regardless of the ad spend. ( Paid in advance once the account is set up)

If you start at $1500 a month I will lower the setup fee to $200. ( So month 1 would be $1500+ $200+ $200 + HST )

If you need a rock bottom minimum, I would do the job at $1000 per month under certain conditions. See 1-4 below. 

  1. The Adwords setup would be $500 ( Plus the $200 management fee upfront) ( It’s always upfront anyway by industry standard)
  2. Tracking would be limited to automated keyword tracking reports and your own access to Analytics. ( 20 keywords max )
  3.  I would still do Milestone reporting via video because I like doing it anyway. People like this from the feedback I have gotten.
  4. The timeframe for hitting targets would increase and expectations would need to be managed ( 15 months as opposed to 10 )

Payment month 1 for the scenario above$1000+ $500+ $200 )

I encourage you to give this some deep thought and consider going with the $1500 and $500 Adwords. I am very good at what I do and very committed as well. I also have a very large paid support network I can get second opinions from when I am not sure about what course of action to take at ” a snag “. It’s not often I need them. In fact, it’s more often someone from the network turning to me for advice and help. That being said,  nobody knows everything and only a fool believes they do! I have received some great advice from others on occasion and my clients have been the benefactors in these cases. ( Side note. I have been asked to be a coach for an upcoming SEO community by a very prominent SEO Youtuber )


Here is a screenshot of a rank tracker for one of my national clients. I would say his competition is slightly tougher than yours.

This is month 8 start this week. ( Small search volume, high ticket product ) ( The big volume keywords at 480, 1000, and 1300 per month that he is ranking low for are in the US. We are not doing his US ranking yet but are working up to that. I told him 5K per month for the US on day one! We are working our way there by hitting Canada’s market first. This is also supported by 2 separate Adwords campaigns. I would say he has 5xed his dollars in over what it has cost him so far. ( At least )