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This is a typical “Scope of Work” list I perform as a generic base on all sites. Click here to view

In your particular situation, I see the following weak spots.

  1. Not enough relevant links
  2. No links with any real power
  3. Page titles not in-line with the best search phrases (keywords) for your industry
  4. Under optimized anchor text profile
  5. Not enough word content on the main page

Positive notes

Domain age a positive factor

Plenty of brand and URL anchors ( Google likes those )



Solutions and course of action

  • Build 200-300 “foundational links “. The strategy here is to use links from sources that allow us to get ” keyword relevance ” in the URl’s or titles of the source. These are all high-quality links ( This is the one task I outsource. Primarily because the fellow that does the work has the best team in the industry and this is an exclusive, private outsourcing, available only within our paid networking group. )  (These links include many of the top Web 2.0 sites on the internet. Weebly, Jimdosite, and Strikingly to name a few.)
  • We do a scan of your current citations and build up to 50 more and avoid duplication. Citations are critical to maps ranking but also add a nice mix of nofollow links from high authority, trusted sites to add to a balanced link profile. ( Since you are not a location, the latter being more relevant to the reasoning for these links.)
  • Immediately begin building some links with more power from my outreach sources. ( No need to wait to build a link base, since you already  have 100 Referring domains, we don’t need to wait)
  • Link speed should be 7-10 links per month for a $2000 a month budget. ( Exception will be month one which will be 4-6 links due to additional startup costs ( Foundation links)
  • Begin immediately making decisions about title and meta changes for each page starting with the pages that have keywords with a combination of the highest search volume and/or happen to be the closest to a top 5 ranking currently.
  • Start a small budget Adwords campaign $600-$700 per month. ( Plus management fee ) ( Modified broad match keyword targeting to do “discovery”)
  • Rinse and repeat! ( This is generally all that it takes to get the job done if done correctly and we will do it correctly!)


  • I will track up to 40 keywords depending on the budget.
  • Tracking of keywords will be provided to you from Pro Rank Tracker software via an automated report. You may choose daily, weekly or monthly reporting.
  • We will mark up specific data on the site through Google Tag Manager and track a number of different “Events” in Google Analytics. ( Which events……to be determined as I get more familiar with the site’s inner workings. Some examples of tracked items will be clickable phone #’s, clickable emails, PDF downloads if applicable.
  • I will set up a portal for you to be able to log in a see this data any time you want. ( Month 2) Of course, you can also look in Google Analytics as well.
  • I have found that one way I like to do reporting is when we hit a “milestone”. I most often do these at random when I find a positive event and they are usually done as a short video walkthrough. ( It’s a bit more novel than the usual boring charts and graphs)
  • I don’t show link reports. It requires too much explanation that people aren’t really qualified to understand anyway.
  • What I will show is a screenshot of your basic metrics in Ahrefs like the one above below ( Once a month)

Like this

Suggested budget

SEO @ $2000 per month for 10 months. Normally my low-end minimum for large city-based sites is typical $2000 a month. It’s just hard to dominate without that type of budget. It’s one thing to take a #5 position but a #1 has 10 times the traffic. 

However, we are also doing AdWords so ………

The Adwords is normally a $500 setup fee and my minimum management fee monthly is $200 regardless of the ad spend. ( Paid in advance once the account is set up)

If you start at $2000 a month I will wave the Adwords set-up fee.

AdWords spend will be Approx $1000 month – $700 ad spend | $300 management fee

The “out the door” costs will be  as follows

$2000 a month for SEO + HST

$700 a month in Adwords spend + HST

( Some minor variation in ad cost due to the way the platform works)

$300  a month Google Ads management + HST

$3000 a month + HST